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A Quick Book Update

I'm just barely starting to recover from finishing and submitting the rough of the Manosphere book, but I glanced at the blog and realized how delinquent I've been.

For those interested in an update on the book, I'm fairly happy with it.  I think I want to back-over the PUA section and flesh out the sections on Roosh and Roissy better (I wrote them more than 8 months ago), and maybe add a list of the current and past great Manosphere blogs, but apart from that I'm pretty happy with it, atrocious spelling and grammar and all.

The book is broken down by sections, and each section comes complete with a Mythopoetic Moment, a Recent History of Intergender Relations for background, and then an exploration of one chunk of the Manosphere.  Currently, I have sections on Traditional Conservative and Christian blogs, Pick-Up Artist/Game blogs, Wise Old Men, Men's Rights Advocates, Men Going Their Own Way, and Married Game blogs.  I also have two sections devoted to groups that don't explicitly have formal connection to the Manosphere, but represent powerful social trends of masculinity: the Puerarchy and Single Fathers.  Before you jump on me, the "single fathers" actually includes all post-industrial fathers, considering how many of them are taking a more active role in both parenting and fathering.

That's 167,000 words worth of prose, but I do have to admit not all the words were mine.  I reprint Roissy's seminal 16 Commandments of Poon as well as Rollo Tomossi's Iron Rules and Vox Day's Socio-Sexual Hierarchy.  Dalrock figures prominently  as does Athol Kay, Deti, and a host of others.  I cover the subject of masculinity from Camille Paglia to Warren Farrell to Jack Donovan.  I look at the different waves of feminism and what they imply for men and masculinity.  I examine popular culture representations of masculinity important to the Manosphere, including Eat, Pray, Love, 300, Fight Club, and Porky's.  And I do some creative things with the Greek Gods, because, well, they were in the Public Domain.

I look at the future of men, from the separatists amongst the MGTOW to the excesses of the Puerarchy to the dedication of the Red Pill husband.  I discuss the Japanese "herbivores", men who have permanently given up on romantic or sexual relationships in order to pursue a quiet life of videogames and masturbation . . . and comprise roughly 60% of the below-40 male population.  THAT'S what we're looking at if things don't change, ladies.  Men who not only don't want to commit to marriage . . . they don't even want to date.

The book is openly provocative, and invites criticism.  It challenges feminism to take a good long look at itself (it won't) and invites it to take responsibility for what it has done -- even accidentally -- to men.  I'm not expecting any accolades from that quarter.I even added some helpful negative reviews, in case the feminist reviewers can't be creative enough on their own.  It also requests more outreach to Latino and Black and Gay voices, because feminism frequently seeks to divide men along racial or ethnic or sexual preference lines, and the simple fact is that gay men have to deal with custody issues just like straight men, black men deal with divorce just like white men, and Latino men are just as concerned about the feminization of men in our society as Anglos are.

And Asians?  I try to end the myth that they all have short dicks.  Google Keni Styles and STFU.  Oh, and I point out that they are the perceived as the most feminitized and "non-threatening" men by our society.  Asian dudes suffer from Harold Syndrome (Harold and Kumar), and they need to break out of that and get their Cho (The Mentalist) on.

I mention most of my Red Pill Rangers and as many prominent voices in the Manosphere as I could, but I'll be the first to admit that there are TONS of great bloggers I didn't get to . . . this time.  The fact is, I had to stop writing at some point.  Major works are never finished, they are only abandoned.  Or continued.

That's right.  Depending upon the success of this first book, it's safe to assume that Manosphere II: Revolt Of The Betas or somesuch might be here in two years.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, my next book in this vein will be The Red Pill Experiment.

But as soon as I get the firm yea or nay from my boss, I'll do the final corrections and edits and get it sent out to my pre-release reviewer list.  That includes virtually every blogger I mention, as well as some feminist sites, Maxim, and other media outlets, just to stir up some buzz.  Also, should have a new cover coming soon.

Sweet slumber, as yet, eludes me in any quantity.  'Tis the season.
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