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OAI OAI - Young models breasts horrible fall, "RESISTANCE" on the red carpet

OAI OAI long legs have to spend a lot of time to build the body up after a fall hurt.

On 11/11 the past, young model possesses fiery curve Oai Oai was present in a promotional event with brilliant cosplay costumes.

Seemed to score in the eyes of the media eye-catching dress with carved red dress exposing chest super crisis, but in fact OAI OAI encounter unexpected incidents on the red carpet.

 At walking pose at the event, long-legged type of doll face was "mallet frog" in the presence of the audience and the press. Do not know if the shoes are too high or because what causes OAI OAI fall so resistant.

By falling quite painful and unexpected situations occur should the model takes a long time to build the body up and continue his work.

Speaking on the frog wife on the red carpet, Oai Oai said:  "I feel so surprised and scared. Most likely due to the high heels I fell. Although carefully prepared for his hot face, but it unfortunately had an accident. "
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